License to Lie

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License to Lie

The author is able to successfully manage a number of characters in the novel without boring the reader; each character was entertaining. You also get to learn a couple tips on using technology.

Skip Cosgrove is a contract criminologist who also practiced forensics hypnosis. He is having somewhat of a bored morning when his cell phone rings. His friend Wally wants him to investigate a missing eleven year old kid. Skip meets with the father, Herman Nordoff, who is a wealthy business man. Skip senses that something is wrong. His wife, Mariane Nordoff, may have suffered physical abuse…but from who? Skip's job is to use his skills in getting Paul back, which doesn’t turn out as easy as it sounded. Eventually the family is reunited.

Roxy Tanner has been a con artist all her life, starting at the age of eight years. Using her good looks she has always been able to lure men into emptying out their pockets. The funny thing is that all through her years of being a con artist she has always been prepared for jail time. Her life turns upside down when her father gets kidnapped and Skip is called in to assist in her father’s rescue. Skip eventually knows of Roxy’s operations by tapping into Herman Nordoff’s business expertise. How will this end up and who will be the eventual winner in this saga?

Book Blurb for License to Lie

Never trust a soul—even your own. With Five Million Dollars and their lives on the line, can a determined criminologist and a beautiful con artist learn to trust each other—or themselves? Both are experts in the art of communications. Both are driven by their goals—but they’re on opposite sides of the law. When her father is kidnapped, they join forces—and learn that it’s hard to trust each other—or themselves.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50