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  • The Best Erotic Romance Novels Reading List

    Over the years these are some of the Best Erotic Romance novels that have stuck with us. Off the Clock - A Pleasure Principle Novel, #1 FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE LOVING ON THE EDGE NOVELS, THE FIRST IN A SENSUAL NEW SERIES Overtime...

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  • Jet Monroe's Top 5 Beach Reads + Giveaway

    Jet Monroe share some great Beach Reads! Full of drama, sexy times, and sometimes humor, here are my top 5 beach reads: 1) First Star I See Tonight - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 2) Dare to Surrender - Carly Phillips 3) The Rogue Not Taken - Sarah Maclean...

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  • Marie Treanor's Top Five Paranormal Heroes +Giveaway

    This was fun to think of, because although, like every other reader, I have favourite heroes, I’ve never sat down and made a list of them before J.  I have to say there are several more demanding recognition – and rightly so! –...

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  • Candice Gilmer's Top 5 Beach Reads + Giveaway

    Candice Gilmer shares her top 5 Beach Reads with us! For the beach, (or in my case, the lake), that’s my time to catch up on all the books I’ve downloaded to my device. I prefer books that are fun and funny. They can get serious as I get wrapped...

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  • Missy Jane's Top 5 Paranormal Heroes

    Wait, I can only pick five? Ack!! That’s pure torture, but okay. Here goes, in no particular order: 1. Adam Hauptman from Patricia Briggs ’ Mercy Thompson series 2. Frost from Laurell K. Hamilton ’s Merry Gentry series 3. Edward from...

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