Blackmailed by the Beast

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Blackmailed by the Beast

Unlikely Love, 1

Lily doesn’t fit in to her own family and doesn’t know why. Picked on, given the crappy jobs and verbally abused she does the best she can. Her family has always had financial troubles, at least as long as she can remember. Lily is not really surprised when she is offered up as a sacrifice to Wayne Brown, AKA the Beast, as payment for bailing the rest of the family out of trouble and providing a monthly stipend. What she doesn’t anticipate is she is getting the better end of the deal.

Wayne knows an abused person when he sees one. He was once one himself. Determined to rescue Lily, who he’s been lusting after for years, he uses to blackmail to get her out of her home and into his bed. Using his beastly methods he ties her to him in all manners; legally and sexually. When push comes to shove nothing will stand between him and Lily, including Lily herself.

This was an entertaining read that unfortunately could have been better. Some editing problems were distracting, and the story was a bit formulaic at times, to the point of being too predictable. The author’s reason for a big fight felt fabricated and came out of nowhere. Like the author thought it was time for a fight to move the story along and why not use this as a reason. Lily’s personality and behavior was reminiscent of older books, not a modern erotic one. While she’s supposed to be “sheltered” she’s not from another century.

Wayne is more an egocentric snob than a beast. As an abuse survivor I expected more empathy for the woman he supposedly loved instead of how he acted. The boomerang personality from caring lover to autocratic lord was distracting but I understood the author was trying to illustrate his metamorphosis due to his love. So while I wasn’t particularly enamored of the characters I cared enough to keep reading and enjoyed the story, even with the distractions. With two more stories planned in the series I was intrigued enough to want to keep an eye out for them when released.

Book Blurb for Blackmailed by the Beast

Wayne Brown is ruthless when it comes to business, and with a nickname of the "Beast", no one dares to challenge him. What he wants he gets.

Lily Jones is sweet innocence and despises men like Wayne. But the Jones family is desperate, and he offers them a solution to their problems. Only he wants something in return...Lily. She either marries him or her family answers to the debt collectors. With no choice left, she agrees and begins life as his wife.

Through his seduction and touch, Lily's body betrays her, and as time passes, so does her heart. But how can she fall in love with a man who blackmails to get what he wants?

Be Warned: forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.25