Claiming His Wife

Unlikely Love, #3

This wasn’t a new story line, but is always an entertaining one. Tony and Opal stalled in their relationship after they said “I do.” These two have an age gap. Before marriage Tony was more of a mentor and Opal was a worshipful teenager. They had quite a leap to be sure, and Tony did the admirable thing and waited for Opal to grow up. He said some hurtful things on their wedding night that Opal had a hard time getting over. I guess Tony matured. What was off-putting became a victory of sorts. Claiming His Wife is a good read that concludes the Unlikely Love Series.

Opal is a woman growing up in the modern British Aristocracy. What does that mean? She must look, talk, dress and date a certain way. Too bad she doesn’t meet any of the criteria required. And her mother never fails to point it out. When she finds herself on the altar about to marry a man she can’t stand, and who has shown he can’t be faithful, she turns to her childhood crush Tony for comfort. What she gets is a different groom; Tony marries her to save her from a miserable marriage only to trap her in a limbo. She is a wife, but in name only. When she decides it’s time to sever her connection to Tony things start to change, for the better.

Tony thought he was being chivalrous by marrying one of his best friend's little sister’s. Instead he got two years of longing he doesn’t dare act upon. She’s way too young, and he’s way too jaded. So he just goes with the flow, providing for his wife without any of the benefits. But what happens when she wants those benefits and not necessarily with him?

Book Blurb for Claiming His Wife

Opal Shaw has loved Tony Hunt for as long as she can remember. However, he is older than her and her brother’s best friend.

Two years have passed since he saved her from a loveless marriage. When she catches sight of an article comparing her to one of his women, Opal knows it’s time to bring their marriage to an end.

Slapped with divorce papers, Tony refuses to sign them. He has stayed away from his wife because of his own demons. Tony wants a second chance to prove their marriage was meant to be.

Tony Hunt will not take no for an answer. No one is going to stop him from claiming his wife. Heat Rating: 3 / Word Count: 31,890

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.00