The Clause

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The Clause

The Clause will appeal to readers who look for Bourne identity style thrillers. The book is carefully plotted, slowly revealing the schemes and the identity of the anti-hero Gill, who is not what he seems to be, while at the same time keeping him breathlessly on the run from three flavors of bad guy and the law. The book is mainly told from Gill's point of view, with occassional revelations from surveillance tapes and the meeting notes from the Serbians' FBI pursuers. As Gill and the reader both know, the various pursuers are so devoted to attaining the jewels or one-upping one another, that Gill can play them, their egos and ambitions against one another--though it is possible that he could always get caught in the crossfire.

Gill Underwood is a former military intelligence officer and tactician who now makes a hobby of stealing the glittering gems of the rich and unwary. However when he and his partner discover some unusually luxurious "sparks", which they left, they end up crossing a Serbian crime syndicate. Gill's partner and lover is murdered while escaping from the heist, and Gill has to use all of his knowledge and his criminal connections to stay ahead of the Serbians who will most likely torture him to death in inventive ways upon apprehending Gill. But Gill has impressive skills and subterfuges that he has absorbed from his military mentor Sun Tzu, as well as a personal mission of revenge against the person who murdered his beloved accomplice Trudy.

Book Blurb for The Clause

Five enemies, one man, zero options

Jewel thieving partners Gill Underwood and Trudy Elwell have been set up, and Trudy has paid with her life. Working for Cubans and abiding by their code of conduct means Underwood is left on his own, holding $150 million worth of hot sparks. A former naval intelligence officer, Underwood uses his knowledge of Sun Tzu’s Art of War to outmaneuver his enemies—the ruthless Serbian and Chinese crime syndicates who will stop at nothing to recover the jewels. With speed, technology, brains, and brawn, Underwood must survive a multi-layered game of cat and mouse that leads to the most clandestine levels of U.S. intelligence.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 5.00