The Watchers

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The Watchers

The Angelus Trilogy, #1

When you pick up a novel like The Watchers by Jon Steele, prepare to be enthralled by a mysterious mystery. At least, I certainly was. This was no ordinary novel; this was a story I found hard to pull myself away from. I could not put this book down. It was an amazing story and I positively loved it! Granted, nothing adventurous, horrifying or exciting happened for the first 100 pages of this book, but it’s the characters who bring this story to life. It is the three major characters – Marc Rochat, Jay Michael Harper and Katherine Taylor – who are the heart and soul of a story that took me through a town in Switzerland that I had never seen or ever been to, yet they magically brought it to life. The characters pulled me into this story and would not let me go until the very end. Reading this novel was an experience I will never forget. The events in this story made me laugh, cry, gasp, sit on the edge of my seat and wonder at the unreal events that unfold towards the very end. The characters stayed with me even after I finished reading this novel. The best part is that when I got to the end of this story, everything about this story was clear. It was like all of the puzzle pieces had fallen into place and, altogether, they created a masterpiece of a tale that I will cherish forever.

The Watchers is a novel that will change everything you thought you ever knew about humanity, religion, and the fight between good and evil. It is the story of three very different characters – Marc Rochat, the watchman of the Lausanne Cathedral who calls the hours as the mighty bells strike; Jay Michael Harper, a man who wakes up in Lausanne without any memory of who he is or how he got there; and Katherine Taylor, an American call girl seeking asylum in Switzerland from the IRS. These three people are three very different characters who are connected in some way. Who all have the same fate. Their paths cross and soon the mystery unfolds, a mystery that could be a matter of life or death, winners or losers in a war that has been raging for centuries, and about redemption or damnation. It is up to these three characters to fight this war and try to save all of mankind from destruction by an ancient evil who will try to win at all costs.

Book Blurb for The Watchers

Lausanne, Switzerland. In the cathedral tower lives a strange boy with a limp who talks to the bells. In a luxury penthouse lives a high-class prostitute who's in mortal danger. And in a low-rent hotel lives a private investigator who has no idea how he got there.

Jay Harper finds himself in Switzerland on the trail of a missing Olympic athlete. A hard drinker, he can barely remember how he got home last night, let alone why he accepted this job. When he meets the stunning but aloof Katherine in a hotel bar, he quickly realises that he's not the only one in town who's for hire. She's a high-class hooker who can't believe her luck. Which is about to change. For the worse.

In the meantime, Marc Rochat spends his time in the belfry talking to the statues, his cat and the occasional ghost. His job is to watch over Lausanne at night and to wait for the angel his mother told him he'd one day have to save. When he sees Katherine, he thinks his moment has come. Which indeed it has. But not in a good way…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00