Trapped Between Two Alphas

Cynthia Lewis, sat in the chair and listened to the man who had treated her since she was first diagnosed with leukemia over five years before. He was more than her doctor, he had also become a friend. He celebrated with her and her parents with each remission and was there after her parent’s deaths, but no more. Cynthia was tired of being ill. In never living. No more hospitals, she would take what time she had and live it as best she could. Not happy with her decision the doctor made her promise to keep in touch and call him when things become too painful.

Matt Stewart and Kris Hall, one time friends, then antagonist, now each is alpha of neighboring packs. Their mutual dislike goes out the window when Cynthia rents the cabin that sits on the border of their two packs. Both know the moment she steps from the vehicle that she is their mate, but they also sense that their mate is dying. She is human, but they are not.

Their fates are intertwined and they cannot survive without the others. The answers are extreme and time is running out. Can they claim their mate and save her before she is taken away forever? What about the human hunters who are killing wolves with more and more frequency.

This book is so well done as to pull you into the drama as it unfolds. You mourn as Cynthia's health fails and Kris and Matt rush to find the strength to do what is needed to save her. The urgency of finding the reason behind the increase of hunter attacks and how they are finding them so easily keeps you on edge. You will fall in love with the characters and enjoy the beauty of the word pictures Sam Crescent draws for us. This is a novel to be enjoyed over and over. During these cold winter months I can promise the love scenes will heat you up.

Book Blurb for Trapped Between Two Alphas

Cynthia Lewis wants to live her life but her illness is back. She knows she can’t fight it. Either she dies in the hospital or she dies in a place of her choosing. Tired of being in the hospital, she rents out a property far from any medical center.

Kris Hall and Matt Stewart are the two alphas who own the property. Their hatred for each other is the only thing they have in common—until Cynthia. The moment they smell her they know she was destined to be their mate.

With her illness spreading, Kris and Matt know they have to turn her. But if they turn her, they risk killing her. They have to make a choice and fast. Being wolves, hunters are on their tails. With time against them, what will they do for the woman they love?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, brief m/m interaction

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50