Bullied by the Boss

Sam Crescent outdoes herself with this story! This might very well be my favourite, but then again I probably said that about the last story of hers I read. She writes mesmerizing alpha male heroes who practically leap to life from the pages and astounding curvy heroines who I find it so easy to identify with.

Rex Donovan is perhaps one of the biggest jerks I've ever come across, but there is just something about a bad boy giving up other women when he finds the right one. Unfortunately that's not exactly what happens when Rex meets Nora Covington.

Nora is possibly one of the most caring heroines I've ever come across. How she treats her coworkers shows her genuine interest in them and that she truly does things from the goodness of her heart. Watching these two tangle with one another was just as fascinating as witnessing the smoking hot sexual tension. I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop and how the supporting character advanced the main characters development and the storyline. Do yourself a huge favour and pick this one up, it's steamy and I couldn't get enough.

The Story: When Nora Covington becomes an assistant to the most notorious employee in her firm she decides she can't take his abominable treatment anymore and soon she's looking for a new position. But when that position ends up being under her hateful boss she can't believe how things have evolved. But can she continue letting the boss bully her or is it time for a permanent change?

Book Blurb for Bullied by the Boss

Rex Donovan is an asshole. He gets what he wants, and right now he doesn’t want Nora Covington as his PA. After screwing all the other women who’ve worked for him, Rex doesn’t know how to handle Nora. She’s the type of woman that men don’t screw around with, and she’s also one of the hardest working women he has ever known. But instead of showing her any appreciation, he treats her like shit.

Nora hates her boss. He’s a horrible person. After a particularly bad incident in the office, she goes looking for a new job. She doesn’t want to work anywhere else, but she can’t take anymore.

But then an argument fuels a moment of passion between them, and for Rex there is no backing down. He wants her, and he’s going to have her, even if no one can know.

But secrets only last so long, and when Rex’s temper gets the better of him, all could be lost. Nora is pregnant with his baby, and now wants nothing to do with him. Is there any way for him to win her back?

**Rex and Nora first appeared in The Enemy’s Daughter.


You Belong to Me by Sam Crescent





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