Daughter's Best Friend

Sam Crescent is the queen of curvy girl romances and this is more proof that she has no plans to give up the title. Rebecca is a refreshing heroine, she's young but she knows what she wants. She is such a caring person to those she loves almost fierce in her protection of them. Her relationship with her best friend and her employees is a pleasure to see. Then there is the side of her that lets her parents make her so unhappy. I loved how she just went for what she wanted, if only we all could have the strength to do that. In short she is a wonderfully authentic woman who happens to be curvy and she's good with that. Jackson Reed loves her curves and seeing him struggle with his attraction to his daughter's best friend was both entertaining and enlightening. He was a little intense for me but absolutely perfect for Rebecca. I enjoyed the evolution of their relationship throughout the story, how they faced the hurdles and how everything was far from easy or perfect. This was another story full of heat and heart and I recommend you pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

The Story: As an adolescent Rebecca had a crush on her best friend's father, but now she's all grown up and she wants him now even more than ever. When the heat between them turns up they decide to keep things quiet not knowing how his daughter will react. But do they have what it takes to have e real relationship?

Book Blurb for Daughter's Best Friend

Rebecca has had a crush on her best friend’s father, Jackson Reed, for as long as she can remember. She has always hoped that one day, he’d be her everything—but that could never happen. Besides Rebecca’s friendship with his daughter, he’s so far out of her league.

That all changes when Rebecca is with Jackson helping Bella through her heartache. Together, growing closer, something might just happen. But be careful what you wish for…

Kissing Rebecca was a mistake, fucking Rebecca was an even bigger mistake, and it can’t happen again. But Jackson wants it to happen again. He wants Rebecca. She fires his blood and makes him yearn for things he had thought were far out of his reach.

He’s old enough to be her father, but she doesn’t care. He’s the only one Rebecca wants. When they’re together, they cannot keep their hands off each other, and their secret affair begins.

But Jackson is screwing his daughter’s best friend. Can there ever be hope of a happy ending?

Be Warned: anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50