Devil's Promise

Chaos Bleeds Book 12

Sam Crescent revisits some familiar friends and family in this quick MC romance. Lexie is a woman busy with life. Raising her kids and taking care of her friends and the club have filled her years and suddenly she’s doubting if she’s attractive enough to keep her man’s attention. It was so easy to connect with Lexie over this. As the years pass gravity kicks in and we see wrinkles that we’ve never noticed before and I completely get her insecurities. Seeing Devil so frustrated with himself for forgetting what she considers their anniversary just melted my heart. Witnessing his upset at her doubt in him was absolutely wrenching but watching him prove to her his attraction and passion for her was fantastic. I loved how straightforward he is with her. How much he loves her, how much he wants her and how much he wants to enjoy their little holiday. This was the perfect life break from the everyday. Readers get some sexy steamy action; some sweet sentimental moments; and some special interactions with old acquaintances.

The Story: Devil and Lexie are the couple that most others aspire to be like but real life often gets in the way. Devil wants to prove to his old lady that he finds her just as attractive today as when they first met.

Book Blurb for Devil's Promise

After forgetting his anniversary, Devil knows he has got to do something serious to make it up to Lexie. She puts up with all of his shit and everything with the club, he doesn’t want her to ever doubt his love for her. Using his new-found friendship with the Billionaires to call in a favor, he knows this will be an anniversary she’ll never forget.

For the longest time, Lexie has had to deal with one threat after another, knowing Devil will always be by her side. During that time, she’s gotten older and with it, insecurities have started to build.

Can Devil wipe away all her worries? Will this be an anniversary of a lifetime? Two lovers forever, or are they?

This is a quick short story of a man devoted to his woman and willing to do anything to make it up to her. He knows she’ll do anything for him and their kids. It’s his turn to show her that she means the world to him.

**Tabitha and Simon teaser included to whet your appetite for their story.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50