Learning to Love

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Learning to Love

Serendipity Book 3

Jennifer Wilck spins a delightful tale with this contemporary romance. "Learning to Love" drew me in from the first words until the very last.

Dina Jacobs is one of my favorite heroines ever. I loved her little idiosyncrasies. The same things that she was a little embarrassed about are the things I enjoyed most, because they made her herself.

Adam Mandel was an interesting hero. I liked his complex character, how his facade wasn’t impenetrable for Dina.

I loved watching them both dealing with their attraction, because both were most certainly way out of their comfort zone. There reactions to one another and their fears and doubts were just so real yet entertaining. This was definitely not a fairy-tale. We don't get a princess who was waiting for her prince to come along as their first meeting made clear. But it was a wonderful love story, one I’m sure I’ll read again and again as I enjoyed it so much. If I were you I’d definitely check this one out. I couldn’t put it down and I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

The Story: Dina Jacobs thought she’d put all her high school insecurities behind her until her reunion invite shows up and suddenly she’s thinking about those mean girls all over again. When handsome lawyer Adam Mandel agrees to escort her she rethinks attending. She’s surprised to find Adam has his own insecurities. Can they look beyond them and have a future together?

Book Blurb for Learning to Love

Dina Jacobs is a single librarian who has never fit in due to her off-the-charts intelligence, frizzy hair and rounder-than-socially-acceptable figure. She left her past behind until she receives an invitation to her ten-year high school reunion, and all her insecurities return.

Adam Mandel is a single corporate attorney who just missed his third deadline at his father's law firm, the law firm where he is up for junior partner. With his reputation on the line, Adam needs all the help he can get to convince his father that he deserves the promotion.

When Dina and Adam run into each other on a deserted road, Dina thinks Mr. Flashypants can't possibly be interested in someone like her. Adam thinks Dina is just the person to help him improve his reputation. Lies and insecurities force them to take a look at themselves. Can they trust each other to look beyond the surface?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50