Rock Hard

Curvy Women Wanted Book 12

Sam Crescent sets the seen and your eReader on fire with this short steamy read. Knowing this story was going to centre around the porn industry I knew it would be pretty, shall we say, vivid. But I wasn’t expecting it to be so darn stimulating. Kirk Allan and Bella Krank were so much more multidimensional than being mere porn actors. I loved how unashamed Kirk was of his career choice and how angry he was over Bella’s circumstances. His protectiveness and understanding without pity was so refreshing to see. I shouldn’t be surprised that this short story had just as much heart as it did heat as it seems to be what the author excels at. I enjoyed this little break from my reality and I’m positive if you read it you will too.

The Story: Kirk Allan, known as Rock Hard has decided to retire from the porn business and in his last gig he meets Bella Krank, of internet sex tape fame. Bella has no other choice but to take a job in porn but she isn’t happy. Can Kirk find a way to help her and convince her their explosive chemistry went beyond the camera?

Book Blurb for Rock Hard

When Kirk Allan, AKA Rock Hard, is given the opportunity to work with a plus-size porn star, he is more than ready for the chance. The woman he is working with is brand-new in the industry, and he sees that she’s nervous. He’s instantly struck by the need to protect her.

Bella Krank has no choice but to take on a job within the porn industry. When her cheating ex released their very erotic sex tape online, she lost her apartment and her job, and no one would hire her—except in the adult film industry. With no money left, her only choice is to do this video. She never expected to like her co-star or to be attracted to him. But Kirk guides her through the scenes, awakening a desire within her that she finds hard to ignore.

When the cameras stop rolling, Kirk cannot turn his back on her. Can Bella find it in her heart to love him and be willing to have a future, regardless of his past?


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00