Street King

Sam Crescent clearly knows dark Alpha males and this deliciously delightful contemporary proves it. Hannah Ray is a young woman who doesn’t see the corrupt nature around her until she is confronted by it and even then she continues to see the goodness despite evil in the world. West Gallo is the epitome of an evil man. A man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and on most men this could be a major flaw but West just carries it off. And he carries it off with power and passion. I enjoyed watching him practically tiptoeing around things so as not to give things away to Hannah and yet it was clear he was used to bulldozing his way through things. I also loved that despite his own misgivings I was able to see that while he wasn’t what you would call a sweet man. He was a man who was capable of kindness. I’d like to see what happens with his two rather close employees as I think both of those men could use a little softness in their lives. I loved the heart the heat Nd the hardness in this book and I more than suspect that you will too.

The Story: West Gallo owns the city. He always gets what he wants usually by just taking it but when he finds Hannah Ray he finds himself doing things completely differently. Biding his time until he sets things up perfectly. But even the best plans don’t always work out so know it’s time to make Hannah his.

Book Blurb for Street King

I own this city.

It belongs to me.

The only thing I want is Hannah Ray. She’s my ray of sunshine.

I don’t deserve her.

I’ll take her.

Keep her.

Because that’s the kind of monster I am.

West Gallo is not a good man. Having risen up from the gutter, he is undefeated and cruel, and no one can take his crown. They are all under his rule, and he is the king—until one chance meeting changes his world forever. Hannah Ray breaks through his ice, and there’s no way he can let anyone else have her. She belongs to him, and he will arrange her life to make sure he gets her.

Alone in the big city, Hannah doesn’t know what she wants, but staring into the blue eyes of a stranger in a bar, she can’t help but be drawn to him. She can’t stop it. She can’t say no to him.

He’s everywhere, surrounding her, loving her, protecting her—but when the truth of what he’s done to get her is revealed, will his love, devotion, and obsession be enough to keep her?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 5.00