The Governess's Convenient Marriage

Debutantes in Paris Book 2

Amanda McCabe tells an entertaining and uplifting historic tale. Lady Alexandra Mannerly won me over from our first meeting. I loved her joy of life, her struggle with being true to her heart and being the young lady she was being raised to be. Watching her struggle with her feelings and the situations she’s faced with I couldn’t help but admire her. I’m not sure I would have handled myself so well. I know I wouldn’t have been so understanding and forgiving of my father. Malcom Gordston is a powerful, determined man. His success from adversity is admirable but his treatment of others is what truly made him a hero in my eyes. I enjoyed the fact that they had a clear connection but the years and the social diversions made it more of a struggle. This was one of those wonderful stories that had me tearing up at times and giggling at others. I cannot wait to read her friend’s adventure. If you are looking for a solid story with interesting characters, beautiful settings and some wonderful ups and downs this is a must read.

The Story: Lady Alexandra Mannerly has always felt more at ease fishing with the crofter’s son in her Highland’s estate than being the well behaved duke’s daughter she is but life dictates differently. Malcom Gordston has risen above his poor beginnings but even a change in Alex’s circumstances leaves her out of his reach. Can these two find a future together?

Book Blurb for The Governess's Convenient Marriage

A lady turned governess…

A life-changing proposal!

When Lady Alexandra Mannerly last saw Malcolm Gordston, he was a poor crofter’s son—someone a sheltered duke’s daughter would never be allowed to marry.

But scandal has rocked her arrogant family, and Alex now leads a quiet life as a governess in Paris—where she meets Malcolm again!

Now he’s a wealthy, powerful department store owner…and determined to make her his bride!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50