The Billionaire's Bargain

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The Billionaire's Bargain

Duncan needs a wife and fast, otherwise his stepmother will gain his inheritance and he can't let that happen. He wants revenge for what she and his dad have done to his mother.

Tess is willing to do anything to keep her father out of prison but she didn't realize that Duncan's "anything" meant marriage!

Duncan is an arrogant, demanding schemer and Tess is an innocent who prefers books to real life so it seems a disaster in the making.

Duncan fights his feelings for Tess and reminds himself why he's doing it, but his feelings won't go away and he realizes that Tess is different to all his other women. He doesn't want to hurt her, but it may be too late! When the truth comes out and he finds that he didn't have the whole story will it make them or break them?

The The Billionaire's Bargain is a great story. It’s probably been done a thousand times before, but the author has put her own spin on it and I enjoyed it.

A quick, easy read that I recommend.

Book Blurb for The Billionaire's Bargain

Duncan James needs a wife and an heir in order to complete his revenge. He’s spent too long waiting to get what he wants to stop now. Tess Williams provides the perfect chance for him to get what he wants. She makes him ache unlike any other woman.

Tess needs to make sure her father doesn’t go to prison. Duncan makes a bargain. He’ll make sure her father doesn’t got to jail if she agrees to marry him. With no other choice, Tess agrees.

However, Duncan has a plan. He’ll make Tess fall in love with him so he can get everything he wants. He doesn’t do love or commitment.

He doesn’t plan to fall in love, but fall in love he does. What will happen when Tess learns the truth? Will her love be enough to face the truth or will his revenge be enough to keep him warm at night?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50