The Skulls, #7

I love that each book in The Skulls series builds on the prior one. The one thing about this story that bothered me was that the MC kept pushing Butch to come back and then when he was willing they wanted to put it to a vote.

This book had a great mix of suspense and romance. The main and secondary characters were mesmerizing. This book kept me on my toes all the way through. Just when I had it figured out, a twist was thrown in. Overall, this was a delightful book. I cannot wait until the next book. I found this book was very well written with an interesting plot.

Butch was a member of The Skulls. He is willing to leave the only family he has to put the one woman and her son that he had come to love and care for first. While it’s a mixed bag of the best and worst decision of his life, forces beyond his control draw him into a game where he needs The Skulls help.

Cheryl has fallen in love with Butch and does not mind that he is a member of the Skulls. She also loves how he spends time with her son. It does not seem to bother him that he is another man’s child. Cheryl is willing to push Butch to go back to the Skulls if that makes him happy.

The connection Butch and Cheryl is intense. The chemistry between them is off the charts. I loved that Butch in his own way tried to put what he thought Cheryl would want first above his own wants and needs. The sex scenes were hot. These two make a great match together.

Butch is the seventh book in The Skulls series by Sam Crescent. This book is part of a series and I find it best read as part of the series. There are characters, plot and events overlap as the series continues.

Book Blurb for Butch

Danger is heading to Fort Wills...

Leaving The Skulls was the best and worst decision of his life. Butch knew to keep his woman, Cheryl and her young son safe, he needed to make sacrifices, and pulling out of the club was the only way to go. Cheryl loves Butch, but she will not accept him quitting the club. She doesn’t need him to become a saint in order to love him.

Butch cannot understand that and is more than willing to make any sacrifice necessary for Cheryl, but now those very sacrifices are about to tear apart everything he’s ever known.

With a new threat facing them and no way for him to protect his woman, Butch has to make a choice. However, Butch is not all that he seems. He’s got a past that even The Skulls don’t know about, and no one is safe.

Life as The Skulls know it is about to be blown apart.

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50