Her Rebound Men

Taming the Trio, 1

Her Rebound Men is the first book in the series called Taming the Trio by Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow. Kate just broke up with her boyfriend and it was not pleasant. The only thing she did not expect was to fall for both Kev and Nate Miller. Kev and Nate have always wanted to share women until Kev withdrew from his brother. Nate sees a chance for Kev and Nate to be happy again together. It was going to be a one-time deal, but after…no one can walk away from each other. Can they make things work?

Kate has a messy brake up with her boss slash boyfriend. Her best friends take her a bar to get her mind off it. One look at Nate and Kate together and the best friends see a way for Kate to unwind and get her mind off the breakup.

Kev and Nate are twin brothers. They have shared women over the years until the one woman Kev dated he did not want to share, Heather. Heather is the one woman that has driven Kev and Nate apart. Kev works more than he should; he seems to bury himself in work to escape the pain. Kev knows next to nothing about what Nate does besides working as a mechanic.

The chemistry between Kev, Nate and Kate is blistering hot. The sex scenes were sizzling hot. These three have the bones to make a wonderful relationship but relationships take not just work but also communication. Kev seems obsessed with money. I don’t like the fact that even in the end the source of Nate’s finances was never discussed.

Overall, this was a hot and spicy read. I loved it! What I enjoyed even better was that both Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow both wrote this together. I enjoy reading both of them and love that they have a story together. I can’t wait for the next one in the series!!!

Book Blurb for Her Rebound Men

After a messy break-up, the last thing Kate McAlister wants is to fall for one guy, let alone two. She never anticipated Kev and Nate Miller entering her life.

Kev and Nate have always wanted to share a woman but in the last few years Kev has withdrawn from his brother. A woman in their past left her mark on Kev and Nate can’t find a way to win him back. When Kate enters their life, Nate sees the chance to not only be with the woman he loves but she could also bring Kev back.

Their time together was only supposed to be one night but none of them can walk away. Can Nate convince Kev that Kate’s the one for them? Or will Kev be the one to break everything apart by living in the past?

The future is never certain when you fall for your rebound men.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00