The Skulls MC, #3

Nash is a member of the Skulls. It’s what he wanted to be since he was young and has given him a sense of family. Nash’s biggest issue is the Skulls have rules and he has broken the biggest rule they have, which is 'Don’t Do Drugs'. What Nash does not understand is, since he started doing drugs he put everyone he cares about in danger, especially Sophia, the love of his life.

Sophia is Eva’s younger sister. Sophia has been judged by her sister’s actions more times than she can count, but she had not realized how protected she was by the Skulls. Once Nash stopped paying for her apartment, she dropped out of school and started working two jobs to get by. After she is attacked, it becomes more obvious that she is in danger.

Lash recruits Sophia to help save his brother and help get him over his addition. The chemistry between Sophia and Nash is blistering. The sex scenes were hot and steamy. As long as Nash can kick the drugs Sophia is willing to help him.

Nash is the third book in The Skulls series by Sam Crescent. I found this book to be well written. The main and secondary characters were well-formed and interesting. The characters of the past two books make appearances. I loved that this book was not what I was expecting, with a darker feel than the past books. Overall, this was a wonderful book and Ms. Crescent’s writing helps draw the reader in and does not let go until the very end of the story.

Book Blurb for Nash

The biggest mistake he’s ever made could get him killed.

The Skulls have a set of rules, and Nash has broken one of them. He’s using drugs. Since Sophia rejected him, Nash has been spiraling out of control. When he puts Eva’s life in danger it’s up to Nash’s brother Lash to save him from himself.

Sophia never realized the protection The Skulls provided her until she was attacked. Lash saved her but with an ultimatum. She helps save his brother, or he makes it known she’s not under Skull protection.

Sophia’s feelings for Nash have always been her weakness. As she keeps her word to his brother, trying to help Nash overcome his addiction, the two of them grow closer through his pain, and Sophia realizes she cannot run any longer.

However, The Skulls’ enemies are numerous, and Nash’s careless behavior has exposed the whole club to danger. Someone is plotting against the club in the hope to take control of the town, and they’re going to start with Nash. Can he stay strong as his life and that of his woman are endangered, or will he relapse into the drugs?

Be Warned: bondage, spanking, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50