• On Jun 18, 2016, pansypetal said: Fascinating

    This sounds like a fascinating story. I look forward to reading it. Thank you.

  • On Jun 13, 2016, Adnor said: Mary Maddox's Darkroom Giveaway

    Looks VERY interesting!

  • On Jun 09, 2016, DebraTaylor said: DARKROOM

    Thanks for the chance. I love a good mystery.

  • On Jun 04, 2016, hotone said: hotone says The Darkroom is

    a great read. This book is quite a mystery.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  • On Jun 03, 2016, JeanMP said: Darkroom

    This sounds like an really exciting mystery

  • On Jun 03, 2016, pgriner said: Darkroom

    Mysteries are great

  • On Jun 03, 2016, Carol L said: Darkroom

    Sounds intense. Thanks for the post.

  • On Jun 02, 2016, attessac said: Dark Room

    sounds interesting

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    I love a good dark mystery