His Captive Lady

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His Captive Lady

Ready to settle down and get married, Harry Morant sent specific instructions for his aunt to find him some possible candidates. But before he converged with his aunt and the prospective brides, he detoured to purchase an Estate, where he met Nell, a/k/a the Lady Helen Freymore. 
Nell had been dealt a difficult hand to deal with. Her father had taken away the one thing she loved most, her baby girl, Torie, and to top it off, had the gall to die before Nell could find out where he had placed her. She begun a desperate search, but, unfortunately, due to the recent birth of her child and her exhaustive hunt, her health was not good. Going home to recuperate, she discovered that her father had also lost her only legacy, Firmin Court. 
Harry had recently purchased the estate, when he meets Nell, he knows that she is the woman for him. Nell is resistant, knowing that she must continue her search for Torie, and not believing that Harry would want to be associated with her when he learns of her child. Though when Harry takes things in his own hands, and kidnaps Nell, coercing her to marry her, he knows that wants to help her locate her missing baby. Can they find her baby in time? Harry and Nell both believe they are unworthy of love, is it possible for them to believe in each other? 
HIS CAPTIVE LADY was a really slow start for me, I had a hard time getting into the story, and Ms. Grace almost lost me completely at one point, but she was able to pull me back in, as I hoped for the best outcome for Harry and Nell. I was really rooting for them; they are both determined characters that have faced many hardships. I liked that they had both survived their struggles, as it strengthened their personalities and made them more likable. Also, I felt that they deserved to find a lifetime of happiness. I wasn't surprised by the turn of events and, unfortunately, was not completely satisfied with the villain's punishment; honestly, I felt that he should have suffered a lifetime living with his disfigurements. For his crimes, I was all for a cruel justice, over a quick one on.

Book Blurb for His Captive Lady

No one can resist the Devil Riders: four war heroes in search of one good woman.
Harry Morant's tough exterior hides a badly scarred heart. The natural son of an earl, high-born ladies have only one use for him—in the bedchamber. Now, after eight years at war, Harry is breeding racehorses and planning a practical, unemotional marriage. But when he buys a new estate, his careful plans are threatened by an unexpected passion for— of all things—an earl's daughter.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50