Getting Hers

Boss and Secretary, a classic love story.  But this one has been put on hold for six long years.  Parker Stevens has one rule he lives by, don’t mess with his staff.  But now the woman he has wanted since he hired her has turned in her resignation.  All bets are off, and he’s going to make his move.  Can he make her his forever?

Melanie has loved her boss since she started working for him.  She always calls him Mr. Stevens to remind herself that he is off limits.  But when she turns in her resignation to start her own business, Parker starts to act differently.  Very differently.  And if the bulge in his trousers is any indication he desires her as well.  Now that he’s finally noticed her as a woman and not a piece of office furniture, how can she possibly leave?

When Parker was given the green light in the form of a resignation he was off like a shot in pursuit of Melanie.  The scene in the elevator was very intense and hot and set the stage for the rest of the story.  The drama of the misunderstanding as to his intent and Melanie’s failure to connect his behavior to the fact that she would no longer be working for him was believable but not overwhelming.  If this classic storyline is a favorite of yours you won’t be disappointed.  Rather you’ll be very satisfied. 

Book Blurb for Getting Hers

Book Length: Quickie
Parker Stevens has one golden rule—never mix business with pleasure. But when Melanie, his curvaceous secretary whose sultry red lips turn him to stone, announces she’s leaving him, he’s finally free to claim what he’s craved since she first sashayed into his office six years ago.
Melanie’s been in love with her charismatic boss since the beginning, and when a sudden blackout traps them in an elevator together, fantasy finally becomes reality. Parker brings her darkest desires to the fore, driving her from climax to climax. How on earth can she leave him now?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50