Lucy's Neighbors

Lucy Hills is a victim of her own sense of responsibility.  She works for the family business.  Is a doormat to her family.  And she can’t seem to find a good man.  How about two good men?  Her yummy neighbors, Doug and Steve, would do wonderfully.  She’s watched them from her bedroom window, wishing she was with them.  When the situation presents itself, she gets her deepest wish.  But they couldn’t possibly want her forever.  Or could they?

Steve and Doug have been in love and together for nine years.  They’ve shared women in the past, being bisexual instead of strictly gay.  They crave a woman to complete their relationship.  When Lucy, with her sweetness and sexiness, moves next door, Doug is convinced she’s the one for them.  Not wanting to rush her, they seduce her with friendship.  When the time is right, and ripe, they make their move on making Lucy theirs, forever.

Friends first, lovers second.  I liked that they didn’t just jump into bed together.  Lucy had a lot of self-esteem issues that caused some wrinkles in the boys plans, but they didn’t let that stop them.  The sex was creative and at times voyeuristically dangerous.  This was a read that I was anxious to get back to when I was drawn away from it.  I would kill for one man with the qualities these two possess.  A delightfully naughty read, with the satisfying aspect of Lucy finding her inner strength and giving hell to those who deserved it.

Book Blurb for Lucy's Neighbors

Book Length: Short Novel
Includes: Menage & M/M
Lucy Hills has lusted after her two sexy neighbors since she moved into her condo a year ago. She never would have believed that either Steve or Doug would be interested in her—she is a woman after all. So when they invite her over for dinner, she expects nothing more than friendly conversation. But the night soon spins into an explosive combination of Lucy’s sexual fantasies, and being ravished by two men turns out to be even better than she’d imagined.
Steve and Doug have been together nine years and they’ve shared many beautiful women. But Lucy is the first to steal their hearts. For months they’ve dreamed about getting her out of her panties and now they’ve had a taste of her honey, they want her for keeps. But convincing Lucy that a three-way relationship can work isn’t easy. They’ll have to use everything in their power to keep her trapped between their bodies because they can’t lose her now. She’s the one.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00