Last Will

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Last Will

Annika Bengtzon

This was a good book. If you like murder suspense mixed with math or science factors and literature, then this will be a good match for you. I warn it is not a walk in the park like Nancy Drew mysteries. This is a novel which starts with a murder in a public place of an important person. The story takes place in Sweden as it was originally written in Swedish. Liza Marklund does an excellent job describing events, places, and people very well. The plot starts fast with the murder, and then leads the reader into background and motivations of why and who the characters are in this story. What fascinated me was how perceptive Ms. Marklund was in describing the demise of how news was disseminated when Annika took her leave of absence to illustrating how fast the news makers changed in turning out the news. When she came back to her job, her world was rocked. There were a lot of changes in nine months which haven’t been successfully dealt with in Annika’s world.

If you think this story is just about the murder, it’s not. This is a very complex book. It’s one of the reasons why I waited a week before writing my review as I wanted to mull it over. This novel expands on Annika’s new “home life” with her husband and child. Originally I wasn’t impressed when I read this area as I didn’t feel it was important to the murder situation. I felt the same about her job situation. But upon reflection I realized “Last Will” wasn’t just about the murder, her job, her family, her new neighbors, or her husband and his issues, it was the sum total of all of it and how all of it fit in with Annika. And in the end, how all of it helped her understand the sum of the parts with regards to the Nobel Institute’s murder.

Book Blurb for Last Will


In the midst of a brutal Scandinavian winter, a member of the Nobel Prize committee is gunned down in the city of Stockholm.

Reporter Annika Bengtzon, who made eye contact with the killer just seconds before the shots were fired, is the key witness. Because of the sensitivity of the crime, police issue a gag order on her immediately—and she is forced to figure out on her own why an American assassin known only as “the Kitten” ordered the hit. With her marriage falling to pieces and her job on the line, Annika quickly finds herself in the middle of a violent story of terror and death, the roots of which date back centuries. The research all leads her to the same man: a rich and famous industrialist responsible for one of the world’s most coveted gifts, who died a tragic and mysterious death. If Annika wants to learn the truth, she risks uncovering secrets that some will do anything to protect.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00