CIA Fall Guy

This is a complicated spy story filled with action and intrigue, double agents, and hidden agendas. My interest was engaged throughout, even though there were certain episodes that stretched my ability to suspend disbelief considerably. Occasionally, the background details are a little too skimpy; it feels almost as if some chunks are sort of missing from the story, which I found disconcerting. On the other hand, I love the pacing of the story! It moves along at a lively clip. The characters are fully embodied with flaws and ingrained biases. They truly seem to live and breathe within the pages. The author does a fabulous job keeping the mystery taut and suspense elevated all the way to the unexpected finale.

Since the death of her CIA agent husband almost a decade earlier, Beth has lived a solitary existence. She has closed herself off from others, distrustful of nearly everyone. When she is approached by the CIA to identify a man she may have seen very briefly a quarter century earlier, she is skeptical. However, events rapidly spiral out of control and Beth finds herself in a position she never anticipated. She certainly does not enjoy having control of her life wrested from her. Angry, determined to find the answers she seeks and get to the truth of a possible cover-up, she finds resourceful ways to escape capture or captivity several times, leading the CIA and the bad guys on a merry chase.

Book Blurb for CIA Fall Guy

A woman whose husband was killed in a terrorist bombing is called to CIA headquarters to identify someone from her past. Fearing she may become a fall guy for the CIA, she sets off on her own to discover what is really going on. Her quest takes her to Europe and back again to the U.S., and pairs her with the man who may have been responsible for her husband’s death.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00