Trust No One

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Trust No One

A page-turner for me, this action-packed mystery/thriller never fell into any sort of predictable pattern. At first, I was irritated by Taylor’s often whiny ruminations, but as the story progresses, she becomes a stronger, more likeable, however intractable, heroine. Still, there were a few times I wanted to clobber her. The reader is kept in the dark almost as much a Taylor. For me, this was occasionally frustrating as I would sometimes become uncertain as to the real motives of certain key characters. Well-written, incorporating a terse, suspenseful feel in both narrative and dialogue, this novel is an exciting thriller brimming with complexity and attitude.

This book starts off with a bang –literally. Taylor Wilson’s well-ordered, safe world is blown to pieces. Alone, afraid for herself and for her missing husband, badgered by the authorities with questions for which she has no answers, Taylor uncovers some cryptic messages which give her the hope she can reunite with her husband. He also advises her that she is to trust no one and promises a full explanation when they are together once again.

Book Blurb for Trust No One


Taylor Wilson's husband, Phil, has them. His best friend and art agent, Sean, has them. Everyone has them except Taylor—yet she's the one someone is trying to kill.

Moments before a bomb destroys Taylor's home, Phil disappears. Soon after, her landscape design business blows up as well. FBI agent Mark Cochran puts her into protective custody, but whoever is behind the bombings continues to stalk her.

Cochran thinks Taylor's husband is the culprit, but she refuses to accept it. She believes the cryptic messages Phil is sending her are proof he's trying to protect her and lead her to where he is hiding. However, while searching for Phil, Taylor learns he may not be as innocent as she believed.

Will Taylor's faith in the man she loves keep her safe—or get her killed?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00