Breaking Ground

Ray Jenkins and Eric Richards have been close friends since grade school, though they hadn't crossed the line into a closer relationship. Then, one day, Ray tells Eric that he's been called up and what starts out as being a get together between friends, turns into something more.

Two years pass before they meet again and Eric is not entirely sure he wants to see Ray again.  Things heat up between them again, but Eric is fearful of where this will lead and that Ray will leave him again.  Will Ray be able to convince Eric that this isn't just a fling? Or will Eric's fear end the relationship before it can blossom into something more.

Breaking Ground is a great read.  Eric is a wonderful character - self-assured and knows what he wants - as well as what he doesn't. He was hurt by what he saw as Ray's rejection of what they had shared and he's unwilling for that to happen again - even if it costs him a friendship. Ray is also self-assured in most respects, although his self-confidence was shaken badly by his war experiences.  He knows what he wants as well - he just needs to convince Eric of that.

Book Blurb for Breaking Ground

Buddies since kindergarten, Ray Jenkins and Eric Richards have never crossed the line into a sexual relationship. But when Ray breaks the news to Eric that he’s leaving for war, their friendship suddenly slides into something deeper, and what’s intended to be a guys’ night in turns out to be a guys’ night in bed.
Two years later, their one night of hot sex is a distant memory and having heard nothing from Ray since his abrupt departure, Eric can’t believe it when his old friend shows up. Using his mouth and his hands, Ray makes it clear how much he still wants Eric, and unable to resist, Eric falls right back into Ray’s bed. But fear that Ray will leave again holds him back, and despite the passion growing between them, Eric can’t let go of the pain he suffered while Ray was gone. Ray has to convince him that this time ’round he’s not going anywhere—or their burgeoning relationship will be over before it has the chance to begin.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50