Whispering Cove, Book 4

I enjoyed reading this wonderful romance. The characters are fantastic and so realistic. The town feels as if it is some place you could visit. The warmth and charm come across the page with enticing scenes that make you wish you were there. While there is some sex, this story is more about love and caring. That’s not to say that the sex isn’t great! With well thought out characters and a perfect setting, this romance is totally enjoyable.

This story may be the 4th in a series about Whispering Cove but it’s 1st rate. There are some matchmaking men in town who are determined to marry off every single young person. Hauk Michaelsen and Vic Hayes are sure they won’t fall for their tricks. They’ve been best friends for years. Hauk, especially, isn’t planning on getting married again. Every woman he’s been serious about has died plus he’s more interested in raising his daughter, Sophie. Vic has cared about Hauk for years but she’s not sure she’s willing to mess up their friendship by pushing it further. Can these best friends take it to another level?

Book Blurb for Burned

Behind every stubborn man’s downfall (into love) is a determined woman.

Vic Hayes is content with life in Whispering Cove. She owns a successful salon, has great friends and her perfectly manicured nail is on the pulse of the town’s gossip. For real happiness, she’s only missing one thing—a man. Settling for less than the perfect man, though, isn’t in her nature. He just has to see her as more than his best friend.

Widower Hauk Michaelsen always dreamed of escaping Whispering Cove, until single fatherhood, too young, made it impossible. He enjoys his life as owner of the small town pub. Friends, gossip, and his young daughter keep things jumping. He would do anything for his little girl, but he can’t give her the one thing she desires most—a mother.

When Vic and Hauk are teamed up for a Fall Festival project, sparks ignite suppressed flames. Testing boundaries they’ve never crossed, they find themselves eager to risk more—if Vic can convince Hauk that history won’t be repeated if he takes another chance on love.

Warning: To all the lonely guys out there: beware best (girl)friends and invites for coffee at the crack of dawn. It’s possibly not your double shot mocha latte she’s looking to wrap her hands or her lips around.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00