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Mara Dacre is an assassin as sanctioned by the queen of her home planet. Fenris McTire is the captain of the ship Mara infiltrates in order to get to her next destination. Being a cold-hearted assassin is easy, but being submissive under any circumstances is not.

Fenris knows that Mara has secrets she's been keeping from and he has every intention of finding out what those are... even if he has to fight her. Only his version of fighting is actually more appropriately translated as rough foreplay. He likes his women submissive and the deeper he goes into the dominance and submission game he plays with Mara the more he's willing to fight for her to be his mate.

First off, I want to acknowledge whoever the designer was for this cover. I thought it was beautiful and one in which will definitely catch any readers' attention. Terri Pray did an amazing job putting together a world that sounds complex, but was easy enough to catch on quickly. I can definitely see this book becoming a series. I thought I had read books before with a BDSM theme, but that was not the case after reading Starfire. There were fights before, during, and after the sex between Mara and Fenris. The tension and frustration of these fights kept building until the very last page... literally. The resulting release was a little unfulfilled by then since the plot didn't move further. Mara is absolutely one of the most strong willed female characters I have come across in a long time and this story really centers around Fenris trying to break down the barriers that Mara has erected for herself, her queen, and her people, so that she can let him in. It was really nice to see for a change, a man having to be the one left wanting while the woman goes on as if what they shared intimately didn't exist.

Overall, I enjoyed the story as it was fast paced with lots of action to keep me occupied while waiting for the drama to unfold between Mara and Fenris. I have already added a couple more of Terri's books to my list of reads and recommend this story to those readers who like sci-fi romances with BDSM elements as I'm sure with this book you will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Starfire

Genre: BDSM Science Fiction
Length: Novel Plus
Mara Dacre was trouble, of the kind Fenris MacTire knew all too well. She's sensual, confident and strong willed; her every step speaks of sex and the smoldering passion he would taste if he ever took her.
Fenris MacTire, captain of the Lair, was a means to an end for Mara. Nothing more, nothing less, no matter what Mara saw in her dreams. As if she'd ever submit to a man, regardless of how he looked, or the challenge behind his low, growling voice. No, she had a duty to her queen, and an assignment that MacTire could never know about.
Sworn to paths that crossed only for a moment, both know that there could never be anything between them. Even once would be a mistake, and mistakes in the depths of space, with pirates and raiders haunting the space lanes, was something neither could risk.
Except, perhaps, in their dreams...
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and content, dubious consent.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.75