A Sacrificial Matter

“A Sacrificial Matter” is a story based in the early twentieth century. It involves a murder that had all the signs of a sacrifice. At least that is what it seems like on the surface. Further investigation by the Darcy's (a husband and wife detective team) would prove otherwise. Sarah Darcy will find herself working undercover to solve this mystery, but will she find some solace in her undercover character since she seems to get more respect.

Amos and Sarah Darcy are the husband and wife detective team. Sarah decided to go undercover and place her life at risk. They need to do this to learn about the sacrificial rites that were used to conduct the murder. Will her sacrifice be successful in leading her and Amos to find out the background of the actions that led to a murder? Read and see.

This story has the reader involved in the scene, however I thought the action events could have been more thrilling and imaginative. There was not much description about each character for the reader to interrelate with. Of the characters based on the description provided, I liked Bates Hiram as the reader was provided with more description of him than any other character in the book and also he seemed to be persuasive wanting to lead Sarah's other character into a world she has never been to before. For a short novel, the build up to the actual theme really happened midway through the book. That could have been longer with a bit more depth.

Book Blurb for A Sacrificial Matter

A naked man in a graveyard… Detectives Amos and Sarah Darcy have dealt with quite a few unusual mysteries, but who cut down the naked man in the graveyard with a broadsword at midnight? When Sheriff Sam Lindsey calls on them to help solve the murder, Sarah risks her life to go undercover into a world of spiritualism and crime to find the murderer and the motive.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.00