Berlin: Day Zero

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Berlin: Day Zero

This story is based in Germany during the peak of the war in 1940s. At first reading you will think that this is just another book based solely on a war involving weapon battle but do not be misled - this book is very deep in suspense and mystery with events that is not directly linked to wartime action.

Berlin: Day Zero is specially crafted to keep the reader captivated with its mystery and suspense. Each chapter is well written to captivate the reader's imagination.

Mitchell Delaney is a US based newspaper report for the Intelligencer paper. He was one of only a half dozen reporters accorded the honor of witnessing the first US troops to enter Berlin and had been traveling with the 5th Armored Division headed by Commander Vernon Miele. However his mind was not on the job he was sent to do but to accomplish another mission - a personal mission that would place his life in great danger from falling into the hands of an underground force to coming face to face with his adversary. In the process of trying to accomplish his mission, he was severely hurt which resulted in him being sent back to the US. However, he would later returned to Germany on his own will to finish his personal mission working as a newspaper reporter for a US run newspaper firm. His sleuthing skills would take him to dangerous situations that would lead to unearthing a major conspiracy. What was it that was so dare to Mitchell that he had to return Germany amidst of all the warfare that was taking place?

Book Blurb for Berlin: Day Zero

Berlin, 1947. The first stirrings of the Cold War begin as the liberating armies of the West and the Soviet Union lock horns over territory and resources amid the ashes of the Third Reich. Into this edgy world of ruined buildings and shattered lives arrives Mitchell Delaney, an American newspaper reporter with an agenda that has nothing to do with ideology. To reclaim the love he lost at the outbreak of war and find the truth behind a series of murders, he must negotiate the checkpoints and twitchy military presence of a city in the collective throes of paranoia – not to mention a sinister menace from the past that creeps ever closer. A taut, tense thriller from Gregory Lee, the bestselling author of The Nero Decree, Berlin: Day Zero is a very human tale of survival and resourcefulness in the shadow of a fast-closing Iron Curtain. It's also a chilling portrait of a seminal moment in time, the repercussions of which we still feel today.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50