Captcha Thief

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Captcha Thief

Amy Lane Mysteries

A security guard assigned to secure the priceless paintings at the National Museum of Wales is brutally murdered. The murderer's goal was to gain ownership of the museum's most cherished painting. What was the interest in this painting? Was it to be sold in the underground world or to be used for other purposes?

Jason Carr and Detective Inspector Bryn Hesketh are the assigned investigators. Jason is an ex con who is versed in the geek side of technology and was recruited by the Wales police force to assist in his area of expertise. Jason has a sidekick known as Amy. The two of them work as a team.

“Captcha Thief” is a very detailed story. It’s not action oriented at least up to the midway point. At that point the puzzle is being put together. If you lack familiarity with the way British criminal investigations work, be very patient as the author goes into a lot of detail on all aspects of detective work. That really slowed down that overall story.

Overall, I found “Captcha Thief” lacking the ability to arouse the reader's imagination. However the author did expend a lot of research on the way criminal investigations are done, which deserves credit. It just didn’t come out well in narrative form.

Book Blurb for Captcha Thief

Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane and her sidekick ex-con Jason Carr are caught in a tortuous and increasingly dangerous adventure as Amy seeks to help track an art thief and Jason seeks to impress the National Crime Agency investigator Frieda Haas sent to recover the missing painting – and its abductor.

As the evidence leads Amy and the police in circles, Jason finds himself taking more and more risks in his hunt for the thief. Nothing is as it seems. Are Amy and Jason merely playthings for a vicious murderer? Can they survive the game?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.00