Labeled for Death

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Labeled for Death

There is a certain relationship between a news agency and federal law enforcement. However, when things get too close there can be conflicts. That's what is happening between a news reporter and the county sheriff. With incidents spiraling out of control at the Govicche vineyard, will news reporting be obscured?

The storyline of the book captures the reader early on with mysterious events occurring at the Govicche vineyard. Jim Dodson the Madison county sheriff finds bodies of farm employees in the vineyard which is owned by Carmine DiFazio. Amy Hobbes, the managing editor of the Monroe Press, has assigned Clarice, her best news reporter to investigate. Clarice is doing a good job so far but encounters problems with accessing information as to what would have caused these deaths. Clarice’s main problem is Carmine DiFazio, whose family is well known within the community associating themselves with the big names in society; they are also big time contributors to the community church. Clarice however has a close relationship with Jim Dodson whom she uses to get all the information for her news reporting. The main question that is lingering on everyone’s mind is why are these strange events happening at the Govicche vineyard? With the murder of a well-known hooker is there is some kind of sabotage linked to Carmine DiFazio?

Midway through the book the storyline dwindled with too many conversations taking place between the characters. As the story approached the ending stage however, the action was once again resurrected with the main character, Amy Hobbes getting herself involved in handling Carmine DiFazio.

Overall this was an OK story. I liked the Carmine DiFazio’s character and how he was able to handle situations developing around him. There were some comical situations especially between Jim Dodson and Clarice, which added a nice mix to the suspense. The author was able to craft the characters so that the reader can able easily visualize them. I had some difficulty though with the Amy Hobbes’ character. Even after completing the book I am still unable to formulate her character in my mind.

Book Blurb for Labeled for Death

Vineyards around Monroe are being harvested, the ripe grape bunches sliced off the vines and trucked to wineries, where they’ll be crushed to make some of California’s finest wines. Amy Hobbes, managing editor of the Monroe Press has other stories in mind, until Clarice Stamms, her cops reporter blows in with news about another harvest, two bodies tucked up under the vines. The field workers were stabbed and their throats sliced. Are they just victims of a worker’s anger?

When the town’s most popular and well-known hooker turns up at the vineyard’s labor camp, sliced and stabbed as well, Amy and Clarice are on the hunt again, the adrenaline tingling down their nerve endings.

Who’s the killer stalking the vineyards and why?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.00