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Pursuit is about an ace detective and his partner tracking a killer who committed multiple murders. Both detectives are on the hunt for the killer whose profile fits a vague description but he always seem to elude his trackers. Will they eventually catch up to him or will this go down as an unresolved case?

Jules Patterson, a recently divorced single mother who at thirty two was starting life all over again. She recently purchased a new house for both herself and son James to live in. As she began to unpack the boxes that the movers stored, she was alarmed by the sudden chiming of the door bell. Upon investigating, she was ambushed and murdered - James also fell to the same fate. What was the cause of this horrific crime? Was it as a result of her divorced from her ex husband? However with her ex husband Rod also a victim of almost being killed, this case continues to be a riddle for Wallace Greer, a police detective called to investigate the murder if Jules and her son. Whilst this murder has the attention of Wallace, there is another bizarre murder with similar qualities, is this the act of a possible serial killer?

I'm sorry to say, this novel presented too much conversations among the characters that bored the reader.

Book Blurb for Pursuit

Present day: A major mob bust going down. The FBI pulls back surveillance, a killer flees. There’s slaughter in the ’burbs of Chicago; a murderer heads downtown. Why did he do it? Where is he going? Above all, what will he do next?

Detective Wallace Greer and his partner, Romar Jones, are hot on the killer’s trail. They give chase through the Gold Coast and its tony restaurants, under the El in the East Loop, by Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, following the evidence, but always slightly behind; bodies mark the route. Five days in a cold Chicago winter. Motives collide. Psyches split. There’s no rest, no time; it’s all angles and action. They have to head off the killer, prevent killings too close to home. But can they catch him? Kill him? There’s only one way to find out.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00