Revolution Earth

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Revolution Earth

Revolution Earth is about a bunch of cyclists travelling to all areas of Australasia in pursuit of saving the environment. One of the cyclists (Jonie) gets killed in a hit and run. The driver is a filthy rich oil tycoon who gets away with the maximum sentence applicable to anyone who would have committed the crime. This infuriated Cara and her friends who are seeking their own justice. Whilst doing their travels they encounter the oil tycoon again - what will they do? Will they attempt to seek revenge? Is there more to the hit and run than was first perceived?

This was a very long book with a lot of different scenes. Overall I felt the story dragged a bit too much as the story built up. It needs to ramp up a lot faster to hook the reader.

Book Blurb for Revolution Earth

Stephen Connor, trainee Metropolitan Police detective is first on the scene when a cyclist is killed in a seemingly ordinary hit-and-run.

Just another tragedy on a London street?

The dead girl's soulmate, Cara, howls at the injustice of a system that allows the killer to walk free. Much to Cara's fury, nothing seems to trouble Big Oil PR guru Greg Palmer. When she flees halfway across the world to confront him, Stephen is one step behind.

Can Stephen protect Cara from a group of charismatic eco-terrorists, who try to lure her in?

As a publicity stunt at a major oil refinery goes wrong, who will be there when Cara finds out that the target she cared so passionately about had simply moved?

Against a backdrop of London, New Zealand, Antarctica and Australia, the race begins….

REVOLUTION EARTH is the explosive eco-themed political thriller of 2012. (Super Plus Novel - 100,000+)

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00