Sudden Justice

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Sudden Justice

This book made investigative work come to life. The story flowed throughout the book and scenes were clear to the reader.

Ever believe that a good vigilante entity actually exists? Bryce Daniels proved this to be the case. The son of a cotton crop cultivator and an Engineering teacher at the University of Texas had another side to him. It is in Daniels’ nature to help people and when one of his students approached him with a family problem that would keep him out of school, Daniels’ had no choice but to apply his stealthy techniques.

Tomás “El Gato” Reyna is a major Mexican drug dealer living with his family in Texas. He had a well-established drug network using juvenile Mexican national youths as runners to deliver his products as they were virtually untouchable by the American authorities. If they were to get caught they would simply be deported back to Mexico. El Gato used an intricate system to transport the goods to the America with help from federal agents; his bunches of lawyers were good at getting him out of trouble. In the world of competing drug cartels, El Gato is facing a rough time from an entity that has him confused. What is this threat? Apparently this unknown entity is hell bent on getting rid of criminal activities wherever it presents itself. Even the El Paso Chronicle newspaper is interested in reporting the takedowns.

I liked the approach the El Paso newspaper took in tracking Bryce Daniel's movements.

Book Blurb for Sudden Justice

A Mexican drug lord expands his brutal enterprise into South Texas. An overbearing business executive entraps the women in his employ. A Southern patriarch and his son control a small Alabama town with an iron fist and a thieving hand. These situations have one thing in common. The perpetrators have found a way to operate outside the law, while the victims have nowhere to turn....or do they? Bryce Daniels is a man who understands the pain and frustration of feeling helpless against the power of money and the arrogance that it breeds Resurrected from a troubled youth after the death of his father, he is now a family man, engineering professor, and community theater actor with a flair for costuming. But behind these idyllic circumstances, he uses all his skills to help those who find themselves outside the rule of law. In Sudden Justice, Daniels travels from the hills of Texas to the coastal wilds of Alabama to hunt a ruthless enemy, while being hunted himself by an investigative journalist piecing together his vigilante activities. The ensuing roller coaster of events culminates in a dire threat to himself, his family, and the belief system he has built his life around.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50