Sun, Sand, Murder

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Sun, Sand, Murder

Life can become “run of the mill” and boring when you have a routine, even when living on an island located in the British Virgin Islands. It’s become that way for the lone police officer on the island of Anegada. He submits the same reports every month, which isn’t much. However, when a murder case hit the island that changes the islanders lifestyle to one of mistrust.

Teddy Creque is a jack of all trades. He’s the customs officer and the police officer. He also manages the island's only power plant. He’s mostly a family man. He has an ongoing relationship with Cat Wells, a helicopter pilot. Amongst his various duties, it’s the police officer job that really brings Teddy's life excitement. On an island in which life is very much mundane, a dead body is discovered. Poor Teddy, having to deal with this murder is one thing. But he’s also been suspended from his police duties for failure to preserve the crime scene. But his suspension’s to take effect at a later time. This should give Teddy some reprieve in solving this murder. However as Teddy gets more involved in this mystery, he finds out that this is no textbook murder. He encounters some major complications along the way.

This story began with a good history lesson of the island. It’s nice, and not overwhelming. As the story builds, this information becomes useful. Apart from the history lesson, the reader is also given a good background on the characters involved. The story ends on a thriller note. The character that you would have least expected committed the murder.

Book Blurb for Sun, Sand, Murder

As a Special Constable, Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote, sun-drenched island of Anegada, nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands. In all his years on the job, Teddy has never considered the possibility that he might have to address an actual crime on his peaceful island. That is, until he receives a hysterical call about a dead man on the beach. Indeed, Teddy is shocked to discover Paul Kelliher, a biologist who traveled to the island every winter for research, lying dead on the sands of the island’s most remote beach, killed by a single shot to the head. And when the BVI’s “real police” task Teddy with informing Kelliher’s nearest kin of his death, Teddy makes an even more surprising discovery: there’s no record that Paul Kelliher ever existed. Suddenly Teddy’s routine life is thrown into tumult as he tries to track a killer?against his boss’s wishes?while balancing his complicated family life, three other jobs, and the colorful characters populating the island around him.

Written with a wry, witty narrative voice and a plot full of twists and turns, John Keyse-Walker’s Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award-winning debut is a pure delight.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50