The Crossing

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The Crossing

The Crossing is well written with good insights from the author on what makes these two different entities tick. The chapters are lengthy but the reader however is kept captivated on the story buildup.

In the years that led to strained relations with the American and the Muslim countries especially Iraq and Pakistan, a lot of hatred was created whereby the Muslims felt compelled to attack Americans after numerous drone attacks in Pakistan. This led to a Pakistani terrorist devising an extensive plan to eradicate as much Americans as possible through the intricate networks that he created.

Omar Ul-Bashar is a tribal leader and bomb maker in the city of Seidu. His son Mahammed Ul-Bashar lives in a more or less safer place in Karachi, Pakistan. Omar has a huge dislike for the West. An expert bomb maker he is, Omar spends most of the day in his hut making all sorts of bomb and the accessories to go with it especially suited for the requirements of a suicide bomber. Unlike his father, Mahammed has done well for himself in Pakistan, having attended medical school and is raising a successful family - well at least that seems to be the case as one family member has developed a very intense hatred of the United States and is to become a main informant on the terrorist war against America. His goal was to learn as much as he could by attending an American university during which time he developed a relationship with a Mexican girl from whom he learnt to speak Spanish - an added bonus to accomplish his goal. With a family tragedy only increasing his hatred for the Americans, he wanted to accelerate is plans.

When the Taliban and the Mexican drug cartel - two different entities from different countries have one goal in mind all hell broke loose, at least so was the thinking.

Book Blurb for The Crossing

A routine traffic stop in the Illinois heartland uncovers a sinister secret – a sweeping terrorist plot endangering the lives of thousands of Americans. The Crossing focuses on Racheed Ul-Bashar, a Pakistani whose grandfather and sister are killed in an American drone strike in Pakistan. Driven by revenge against the United States, the obsessive Racheed develops a minutely detailed plot, a synchronized attack that will hit three American cities on the anniversary of September 11. He obtains contact information of Juan Rodrequs, a violent, ruthless drug cartel leader in Juarez, Mexico, who agrees – for a price - to move terrorists across the border and supply all materials needed for the attacks. All goes well until Diego Garcia, a trusted ally and confidant of the cartel leader, is stopped for a speeding violation in Illinois. There, 400 kilograms of cocaine are discovered, concealed in his vehicle, and he is facing significant prison time. To save himself, Garcia, becomes an informant for agents of the FBI Anti-Terrorism Task Force. Unbeknownst to the other terrorists, the informant, or the FBI Task Force, Racheed and his partner change plans at the last minute and enter the U.S. at a different location. This unexpected move forces the FBI Task Force to scramble. Will they be able to eliminate the threat to some of America’s largest cities and most cherished attractions? C. Ed Traylor, shown here accepting PSWAs 2015 award for this novel, retired from the Illinois State Police with the rank of captain after 29 years of service. During that time, he served as patrolman, investigator, investigative supervisor, bureau chief, and staff officer. He was an investigator on the Federal Health Care Fraud Task Force.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50