How to Murder a Millionaire

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How to Murder a Millionaire

Blackbird Sisters Series, #1

Whoever said the life of a socialite, used to be, is boring. Especially when you mix in a little murder and mayhem. Nora reluctantly takes a job as a society columnist to help make ends meet when her parents go off to the Bahamas to live. They leave Nora and her sisters holding the bag per se. Much to the chagrin of her sisters she sells some of the acres of her family home to make the tax bill. Thus begins a whirlwind ride of a not so boring former socialite's life. This story has some hilarious twists and turns that you never see coming.

If you are interested in a witty and fun murder mystery this is the story for you. I am anxiously awaiting the continuing saga of the Blackbird sister's mystery. I'll keep you posted. It's going to be fun.

Book Blurb for How to Murder a Millionaire

Nora Blackbird, society columnist and down-and-almost-out former debutante, reclaims her place within Philadelphia's elite when she stumbles upon the murdered body of a millionaire art collector.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50