Death of A Bad Apple

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Death of A Bad Apple

A Food Festival Mystery, #3

As usual Penny Pike got my attention from the first chapter of this book when she describes her heroine, Darcy, and her family to the new food that is being made for the new festival the family is going. However, this book has a flaw; its’ pacing is off.

First, Darcy and the gang are back to fixing food on Aunt Abby’s “busterant” (a school bus the Aunt turned into a traveling restaurant) when Aunt Abby decides to enter another Food Festival. This one is an Apple Festival where all things will have apples in the food or drinks: apple wine, chocolate applesauce and apple cream puffs. Aunt Abby’s entry is Salted Carmel-Apple Tarts and many more recipes. Of course, some of these recipes are the back of the book.

Next, there is some progression on Darcy’s dating scene since the last book. Jake and she have decided to become a couple and are sharing a room at the inn where the first murder takes place in a classic mystery setting: a locked room that was bolted on the inside. Everyone in the story is wondering how the person got in and out since no one heard anything while they slept the night away.

Last, the pacing of this story is off. It never picks up speed, even when the murder happened in the story. This made me put the book down and come to it a few days later. Yet I did not notice any grammar errors that could have slowed down my reading of it.

Can Darcy figure out who killed the man in the locked room before her aunt’s friend is arrested for the murder?

Book Blurb for Death of A Bad Apple

The latest deliciously appealing mystery from the author of Death of a Chocolate Cheater...

Anxious to take a break from bustling San Francisco, Darcy and her Aunt Abby pack up the food truck and head for the apple festival at Apple Valley, California. Aunt Abby is sure her almond apple tarts will be a hit and Darcy wants to collect more recipes for her food truck cookbook.

But when a fellow guest at the Enchanted Apple Inn is pared-down—and the Inn’s owner ends up the prime suspect—Darcy must peel away the layers of the mystery. Because an apple a day certainly isn’t keeping the killer away...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00