Death of a Chocolate Cheater

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Death of a Chocolate Cheater

A Food Festival Mystery, #2

I picked up this book to read because of its title, Death of a Chocolate Cheater, due to the fact I love chocolate and also because when I looked at the back pages in it I found some chocolate recipes to try. When I finished reading this book I knew I found a new cozy mystery series to read since I love the background settings where this story take place, the characters in the book, and that rarefied thing you sometimes find in cozy mystery, humor.

First, this story take place in school bus, however, it’s not a regular bus but as one character in the book calls it…a “busterant”. It’s where the female lead character, Darcy, aunt Abby makes comfort food in and serves it to people who comes up to the bus during the day. Abby can move and park her school bus where ever she has a permit to place it. In this book in the series Abby has decided to enter a chocolate contest to see who can make the best chocolate concoction in San Francisco to win some money and a spot on a television cooking contest show. Along for the ride and contest is Darcy and Abby’s son Dillion, a computer hacker.

Next, Darcy and Dillion had me laughing at some of the stuff they said to each other on the bus and when they were off of it. Darcy is always making fun of Dillion habit of eating while he is on the computer looking up information on the other contestants. Abby is sweet warm soul that likes to feed people and show people how to cook. Darcy has a boyfriend named Jake who has own his own restaurant truck that serves up his own cream puffs creations.

Last, I did not notice any grammar errors or typos that could have slowed the book pacing down. In fact it ran pretty good from beginning to end.

Did Darcy stumbled onto another murder or is it a bunch of coincidences?

Special Notes:

Book Blurb for Death of a Chocolate Cheater

Food truck vendor Darcy Burnett unwraps a murder at the San Francisco Chocolate Festival in this mystery from the author of Death of a Crabby Cook…

At this year’s chocolate festival, Darcy and her Aunt Abby hope to win the $10,000 prize in the chocolate contest with Aunt Abby’s taste sensation: the chocolate raspberry whoopee pie. A little friendly competition from Darcy’s sometime-beau Jake Miller, who plans to enter with his chocolate cream puff delight, only sweetens the deal. But things get sticky when one of the judges, Polly Montgomery, is taken out of commission—permanently.

The suspects include every contestant with reason to believe Polly wasn’t too sweet on their sweets, including Aunt Abby’s high school friend. Now Darcy must pick through an assortment of secrets to catch a killer before someone else gets a bittersweet finish.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00