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A Place For Us

“A Place for Us” by Liza Gyllenhaal is a story of every parent’s nightmare. The Bostocks are a family for whom everything has gone right. They are a privileged family and are well liked in their small town. Brook is from a wealthy family. She married her sweetheart and they have two children. Her son is in college and her daughter is a busy ten-year-old.

All seems to be going well for them until a drinking episode with minors and an assault that happened in their house promises to become a national scandal. This story is about the children involved and what happens to them during the height of the storm of repercussions. This is the story of a family trying to hang on to their love and respect for each other.

I would recommend book, but for me it was such a sad story. I would not want to read it again, nor would I want to read something like it. It was well written, but such a downer.

I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review from the publisher, Penguin Group and Night Owl Reviews. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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Book Blurb for A Place For Us

Liza Gyllenhaal is “a gifted new writer”* who’s captivated readers with her talent for “plumb[ing] the complexity of human emotions.”** Now she delivers a piercing new novel about the secrets and lies that could shatter a close-knit family…

Brook Bostock has led a privileged life. The daughter of an extremely wealthy and prominent family, she married the man of her dreams and is raising two deeply loved children. But her happy home is shattered when a neighborhood teenager is assaulted during a night of drinking with the Bostocks' son and his prep school friends.

The scandal receives national attention—not only because of Brook’s family name, but because of the lawsuit looming against Brook and her husband, Michael, that alleges they are responsible for what went on in their house. Suddenly the small Massachusetts town they call home seems to be turning against them, revealing the simmering jealousies and resentments that have been lurking under the surface all along.

With their once-perfect family in danger of falling apart, Brook and Michael must find a way to get through this together—or risk losing everything they love…  

*Ben Sherwood, author of Charlie St. Cloud

**Katherine Davis, author of A Slender Thread

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00