The Girls of Spindrift Book 1

I liked that this was a quick read, primarily aimed at YA but a good read for anyone. I felt that it was a background of sorts for getting to know the characters going into the book “Bittersweet Dreams”. This is the first book in a series that sets up the characters, especially the girls for the big picture. Corliss is the main character in this first book. I felt for Corliss since she was being bullied because of her refusal to drugs offered by the girls. The author gives a good lesson in this book along with a good story.

Corliss was strong enough to say, "No". Corliss is what you might call, "gifted." Very intelligent. The author then goes into what the girls do to get even with Corliss. Trouble ensues and Corliss will have to make a bigger decision of whether to take the drugs the girls had offered. Will she take the offer being put before her or will she refuse.

The first books are a setting for what's to come so I would suggest reading them in order to get the entire background and setup for the main book. The author gives us short stories and then shows how they all combined together in the end, the main novel.

The author does a good job describing the characters and it seemed, that the right character was described as Corliss. She fit the situation perfectly. You had to like Corliss, she was written with a strong, intelligent character and the other girls, well, I had a hard time liking them at all.

Now, for the only boy who paid attention to Corliss, Jackson Marshall, you got to like him. He didn't go with the flow. He took his own stance and talked to Corliss. I felt he was a pretty strong character.

The book leaves you wanting to read the rest of the novellas. To me that is a sign of a good book, when you're left wanting more.

Book Blurb for Corliss

Book One of the Girls of Spindrift. From the New York Times bestselling author of the Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina series, now Lifetime movies, here begins a haunting new series featuring highly intelligent teenage girls who struggle to survive a specialized high school and find their place in a world that doesn’t understand them.

Such is the burden of being brilliant.

Corliss is not like the other girls at her Los Angeles high school. Incredibly intelligent, shy, and a loner, she has difficultly in fitting in. What’s worse, a clique of girls is out to get her because she’s not down with their games.

On the night of a school party, her refusal to take drugs with the girls leads them to take matters into their own hands—spiking her drink. Quickly, Corliss’s entire life is turned upside down and no one—not even the handsome valedictorian who had agreed to go out with her—looks at her the same way. Just when she’s wondering if she’ll be able to return to her high school, someone mentions a new place: Spindrift. Could that be her way out?

Note: The four Girls of Spindrift e-novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams—available now!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50