The Fine Art of Murder

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The Fine Art of Murder

A Katherine Sullivan Mystery, #1

Setting: Minnesota.

Chief of police, Katherine Sullivan has gone back home after retiring. Now instead of a gun she waves a paint brush. She's trying to establish herself as an artist. All changes when Katherine needs her previous job skills to help find out what happened to the young woman that was found dead. Katherine is now trying to find a killer who is ruthless. As she does this, dark hidden secrets come to the surface.

The author wrote of a strong woman who wasn't afraid to try something different and yet when called, she could put her previous skills back to work. This story is a web of mystery that will find you turning the pages and trying to figure the mystery out. Who killed the young woman and why? Did she come upon one of the dark hidden secrets?

The author gives you a variety of characters, the aunt's cuddler, a football player who became addicted, Katherine's daughter and family and so many more. What a mix? The author doesn't allow you time to be bored. New things are forever happening. The ending will amaze you.

Book Blurb for The Fine Art of Murder

Former Police Chief Katherine Sullivan has been called brilliant, brave, compassionate, and quirky, but after decades of crime fighting, this resilient grandmother with an artist’s soul is discovering that retirement can be just as deadly as being on the job.

When Katherine returned to her hometown, her only thought was to comfort her recently divorced daughter. That was before a young woman was found murdered on the estate of the town’s richest family. Now, in order to track down the killer, Katherine must uncover the generations of secrets that at least one person as already killed to protect in this charming and smart series debut, The Fine Art of Murder.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00