The Hemingway Thief

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The Hemingway Thief

Setting: Paris 1922 (Hemingway's suitcase containing a very rare manuscript is stolen)

As this is taking place we have "Coop" Henry Cooper. He is introduced to the reader. He is the author of vampire romance novels. He goes into hiding in order to try to get the writing juices flowing. He chose an out of the way hideout in a Baja hotel owned by Grady. You can picture Coop lounging on the beach with his bottle of rum. He does like his rum.

The author gives the reader some very interesting and well described characters from the Sonoran desert. I haven't ever been there but the described characters and scenery are somewhat real. The pacing is fast and flows smoothly. This is a book where you put your imagination to work. The author adds a bit of humor, which is combined with a little suspense.

You meet Ebbie, a thief hiding in Mexico since he stole Hemingway's first draft of A MOVEABLE FEAST. This very rare manuscript contains clues to the lost suitcase of Ernest Hemingway and the secrets, maybe dark, that it contains. This search for the lost suitcase is fast becoming a daring and possibly dangerous adventure. Will Coop get his once in a lifetime chance at that novel he wants to write?

This is a fabulous novel. Jump right in and get to know the characters, setting and enjoy the adventure. Shaun Harris has brought this story to life.

Book Blurb for The Hemingway Thief

Paris, 1922-- Ernest Hemingway asks his young wife, Hadley, to pack up every last scrap of his work into a single suitcase and join him in Switzerland. While Hadley waits for her train in the Gare de Lyon, the suitcase containing a year's worth of Hemingway stories vanishes, never to be seen again. Until now.

Henry "Coop" Cooper is having a hard time writing his new novel between sipping rum and lounging on a Baja beach with hotel owner Grady Doyle. When Grady tries to save a drunk from two thugs, Coop tags along for the sake of a good story. The drunk is Ebbie Milch, a small time thief on the run in Mexico because he has stolen the never-before-seen first draft of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast from a wealthy rare book dealer.

The manuscript is more than just a rare piece of literary history. It reveals clues to the contents of the lost suitcase and a conspiracy wherein the then-unpublished Hemingway will go to whatever lengths to get published.

But Coop and Grady aren't the only ones with their eyes on this elusive literary prize, and what starts as a hunt for a legendary writer's lost works becomes a deadly adventure.

For Coop this story could become the book of a lifetime ...if he lives long enough to write it.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50