Sidney Sheldon's Reckless

Tracy Whitney

“Reckless” a Tracey Whitney Novel by Tilly Bagshane is an active, intriguing storyline with the elements and vibes associated with the late, famous and engaging author Sidney Sheldon.

I must admit that the talent displayed by Ms. Bagshane is terrific. She provides an intriguing, spine tingling and suspenseful read. Ms. Bagshane does the Sidney Sheldon brand a true service. The story “Reckless” is loaded with adventure, deception and murder. “Reckless” is a true electrifying spy thriller. Overall the story is so well developed.

The characters mental energies spans the breath and depths of psychosis. It was a grand feature to include the criminally insane, assassins, con artists, and individuals who believe in resolve conflicts through non-violence. Image being a young male child such as Nicholas. He is unsure of who daddy really is. Could it be that the information is hidden for protection? Should the audience feel the pangs of sadness for Nicholas and the lack of deep emotional connection for his father? This additional tension is gripping due to the emotional web of a young male's development and the challenges of being raised by a single mother.

“Reckless” brings to bare a few elements embedded in the storyline that kept me focused and determined to stay engaged until the final punctuation mark. The intricate, dishonest and constant underpinning of governmental agencies both US as well as British influences adds currents of disbelief within National Security. The involvement of my favorite groups of operatives, the CIA, The Navy Seals, and M16 was great. The author was able to use them to create confusion and to assassinate, conceal bodies and derail information. Even some of the best minds in the business of secrets, lies and silk stockings will be diverted and distracted along the way.

The settings are richly and realistically depicted. Readers will feel like they have been to Washington, DC to Colorado’s forests and to Europe’s visual elements.

The women in “Reckless” are strong, determined and fearless. Tracy and Althea could be considered reckless as well.

“Reckless” is an enjoyable read. Readers will find that time between the pages is time well spent. It’s time to curl up on a comfortable chair. Hopefully, Ms. Bagshane will be able to get the degree of high honors she deserves for this story. She might have been taking on an established brand, but she did it well and for that she deserves a Top Pick. I enjoyed “Reckless” and look forward to reading other works by Tilly Bagshane.

Book Blurb for Sidney Sheldon's Reckless

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sidney Sheldon’s most popular and enduring heroine—Tracy Whitney of If Tomorrow Comes and Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow—is back with another story of heart-stopping twists and breathtaking action.

Once upon a time, Tracy Whitney was one of the best thieves in the business. Then she settled down, had a baby, and planned to spend the rest of her days quietly, living anonymously, devoted to her son. But tragic news has forced Tracy to face her greatest nightmare. Now, with nothing left to protect, she returns to the hunt—and she’s more dangerous than ever.

Tracy is not the only woman with a dark and dangerous past. The world faces a new terror threat from a group of global hackers intent on the collapse of capitalism and private wealth and the creation of a new world order. When this group turn to violence, with deadly effect, the mysterious woman pulling their strings becomes the CIA’s public enemy number one.

Only one clever and ruthless woman is capable of tracking down the terrorist: Tracy. But as Tracy discovers, the truth proves as elusive as her target. Hampered by corruption and enemies masked as allies, Tracy will be pushed to the brink, where she must face her darkest demons. But just how reckless will a person become when she have nothing left to lose?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.50