Blackberry Burial

A Berry Basket Mystery, #2

“Blackberry Burial” is the second book in the Berry Basket Mystery series! I was lucky enough to be able to read the first book early last year and I absolutely loved it. So, I've been dying to get my hands on the second book, and I have to say that it was beyond amazing!!! Perfection!

We meet up with Marlee Jacob again as she's planning the annual Blackberry Road Rally with Piper, the mayor's wife. They quickly find out that they have to find a new starting location for the event. When they find a new location—a farm, they travel there to look at it, and while they are there, Marlee stumbles upon a skeleton buried in the forest—thanks to Piper's dog. We find out the skeleton belongs to a girl, Sienna, who supposedly drowned twenty years earlier.

The actual mystery itself was brilliant, very creative and carefully plotted. There were so many twists and suspects that it was hard to pinpoint the actual bad guy. It was definitely unpredictable, and the ending was thrilling and action-packed. I loved it.

My favorite thing about this book though was the budding relationship between Theo—Marlee’s baker and Marlee. We didn’t really get to know much about Theo in book one, but that completely changes in book two. We get his full history and personality and I really liked him. What I loved about him was his connection with Marlee. It’s truly authentic and beautiful. The last couple pages of the story, when they talk, brought tears to my eyes. A definite ‘awww’ moment.

Overall, this was a great book! Everything about it was awesome! From the captivating mystery to the fun and exciting characters to the action-packed ending, everything was just spot on. I'm anxiously awaiting the third installment. I need it now! Please?

Book Blurb for Blackberry Burial

Between a booming art scene and elaborate Independence Day festivities, July in lakeshore Oriole Point, Michigan, is always a blast. Especially when an explosive murder case crashes the fun . . .

As owner of The Berry Basket, Marlee Jacob has learned a thing or two about surviving the summer tourist season in Oriole Point. So she gladly agrees to help run the annual road rally in honor of the local Blackberry Art School’s centenary celebration. While alumni arrive from around the country, Marlee hopes the expansive Sanderling farm will make an appropriate starting point for the race—despite rumors that the land is cursed . . .

But when Marlee surveys the property, she stumbles upon a long-dead body hidden in the bramble. It’s a horrifying mystery to everyone except her baker, who’s convinced the skeletal remains belong to a former student who had gone missing twenty years earlier. As the Fourth of July activities heat up, Marlee must rush to catch an elusive murderer—before the next ‘blackberry victim’ is ripe for the picking!

Includes Berry Recipes!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 5.00