Crust No One

A Bread Shop Mystery

"Crust No One" is the second book in the Bread Shop Mystery series. We meet up again with Ivy Culpepper, the main character, and she’s on the hunt, trying to find the local produce man, which leads her down a wacky and sinister trail.

I have to say that I love this cozy series! I loved the first book and the follow up was just as good. Maybe even better because Ivy has grown so much. I love how open and accepting she is now. In book one, she just got back to her hometown and was still reeling and grieving over the death of her mother. But now when we see her, she’s opened herself up to people and she’s healing and she’s happy. It’s truly heartwarming!

The other characters are still delightful and amazing! I love them all. Everyone’s unique and quirky. And I loved how we got to know them better. Everyone felt more well-rounded and fleshed out this time around. Also, I loved the relationships that everyone seems to have with one another, how everyone felt intertwined.

The relationship between Mrs. Branford and Ivy is really beautiful. It reminds me of the one I had with my grandma, and I tear up every time I read heartfelt scenes between them. Sometimes they have the most deep and meaningful conversations, and I just adore their relationship dynamic. It really touched me.

I’m also enjoying the slow-burning romance between Ivy and Miguel! It’s heating up rather nicely, and I can’t wait to see what develops between them.

The mystery itself was very well-written and suspenseful. It kept me engaged and hooked. A part of me guessed the ending, but not because the story was predictable, but because of intuition and following the author’s brilliantly spread out clues.

Overall, this is an excellent cozy mystery and a great addition to the series. I can’t wait until the next installment comes out. Hurry up, please! :)

Book Blurb for Crust No One

Business is booming at Yeast of Eden. But with a deadly mystery taking over the seaside town of Santa Sofia, the Mexican bread shop can’t possibly leaven a killer’s appetite . . .

For once, Ivy Culpepper feels fulfilled. An apprenticeship at Yeast of Eden has opened her world to time-honored baking techniques under owner Olaya Solis’s guidance—as well as the freshest small-town gossip, courtesy of chatty regulars known as the Blackbird Ladies. Ivy even begins accepting that she and restaurateur Miguel Baptista may never again rekindle their romance—despite the undeniable tension between them . . .

But she’s tied to Miguel again when his trusted produce supplier goes missing. Old Hank Riviera’s financial troubles would make anyone consider running away forever. And with his relationship woes, there are plenty of people who might want to see Hank disappear. As Ivy, with the help of her octogenarian sidekick, turns to the loose-lipped Blackbird Ladies for leads, she soon finds herself caught in a web of lies stickier than a batch of Olaya’s popular pastries . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 5.00