High Marks for Murder

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High Marks for Murder

Bellehaven House Series, #1

Meredith Llewellyn is headmistress of the young ladies' finishing school, Bellehaven House. When teacher and friend Kathleen Duncan is found dead in the school's garden, Meredith is sure that it was an accident. Until a bloody branch proves that it was murder. Kathleen's ghost appears to Meredith, seeking her help in finding the killer. Meredith must utilize all the resources available to her if she want to get justice for Kathleen, without losing her sanity in the process.

"High Marks for Murder" is the first in a murder mystery series by Rebecca Kent set in 1905 England. With tons of interesting characters, humourous plots, and intriguing mysteries, this is a series that murder mystery fans should find a welcome addition to their bookshelves. My only regret is that I hadn't discovered this author earlier.

Book Blurb for High Marks for Murder

Meet Headmistress—and sometime sleuth—Meredith Llewellyn of Bellehaven House, a finishing school for girls.

It’s the height of elegance, the seat of sophistication, the scene of…murder?

Teacher Kathleen Duncan was killed in the school garden at night. Judging by a bloody branch, Miss Meredith Llewellyn assumes it was an accident, until she learns that the limb didn’t break off—it was neatly sawn.

But as she searches for a killer, Meredith wonders if her eyes are playing tricks on her. How else can she explain her foggy images of Kathleen pointing to the flowerbeds? Without the help of the lazy constable or her petrified teachers, Meredith will have to find a link between flowers and the killing, take heed of her own safety, and get an education—in murder.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75