Murder Has No Class

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Murder Has No Class

Bellehaven House Series, #3

It has been months since Meredith Llewellyn has been called on to help a ghost find justice. With an assistant that seems to cause more strife and trouble than help, maids leading her students into a riot for female equality, and girls looking for male companionship in town, she has more than enough on her plate. So when Lord James Stalham shows up protesting his innocence in his father's death, even after being found guilty and hung, she is hesitant to help. But this ghost won't let her rest until he can rest in peace. So Meredith must start looking into this case, even if she might not survive the experience!

"Murder Has No Class" by Rebecca Kent is the third, and final entry in the Bellehaven House series. It is a fun and great trilogy from the first book to the final. All of the characters were quirky and interesting, with intriguing plots that grabbed the reader from the very beginning. I hate that I found this series only to have it end so fast. This is a must have for anyone who enjoys historical mysteries set in England.

Book Blurb for Murder Has No Class

A headmistress gets a primer in murder in the third Bellehaven House mystery.

Lord Stalham has claimed innocence in the murder of his father, even after they've hanged him. Now Stalham's ghost is haunting Meredith Llewellyn. The headmistress needs her sleep, so she sets out for the truth-and discovers a high-society scandal.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75