A Scone To Die For

Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, #1

Gemma Rose, a twenty-nine year old, makes the decision to leave her executive position in Sydney to open Little Stables Tearoom. All seems to fall into place until one day when Brad Washington, a rude American tourist, steps out of line with her. The following day, Brad is found dead outside her tearoom with one of Gemma's scones stuffed in his mouth. She will stop at nothing to find out who killed Brad and why they wanted him dead in the first place.

This is another gem of a story that had me eagerly turning the pages for more. Ms. Hanna's characters and storyline were extremely believable and I was so happy that Gemma decided to open up her own tearoom. When Brad came into the picture, I immediately disliked him. Obviously since he was killed, someone else disliked him as well. I loved seeing how Gemma was determined to find out who the killer was and the author had me guessing who it could be until the very end. I've been reading Ms. Hanna's stories for a few years now and no matter what genre she writes, I always walk away extremely satisfied as a reader. She is one author worth putting on your auto-buy list. I highly recommend this first book of this new series.

Book Blurb for A Scone To Die For

When an American tourist is murdered with a scone in Gemma Rose's quaint Oxfordshire tearoom, she suddenly finds herself apron-deep in a mystery involving long-buried secrets from Oxford's past.

Armed with her insider knowledge of the University and with the help of four nosy old ladies from the village (not to mention a cheeky little tabby cat named Muesli), Gemma sets out to solve the mystery--all while dealing with her matchmaking mother and the return of her old college love, Devlin O'Connor, now a dashing CID detective.

But with the body count rising and her business going bust, can Gemma find the killer before things turn to custard?

(*Traditional English scone recipe included)

This book follows British English spelling and usage.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00